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Fresh from our Fields

Little River Produce

Locally grown produce for your family

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About Our Farm

We are a family-owned and operated farm that has been providing fresh, high-quality produce to local communities for over 20 years. Our produce is grown and harvested with care, and we pack and ship it right from our farm in Lake Park, Georgia. Our passion for farming and pride in all that we produce has allowed us to grow and expand while maintaining our commitment to high-quality, fresh vegetables for all of our customers.

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Our Story

Lake Park, Georgia has been home to the Ritter family's farming legacy for around one hundred and seventy-five years, spanning seven generations. The family's humble beginnings as a small livestock and tobacco farm have since blossomed into a thriving vegetable farm that now supplies produce to families across the nation. The Ritter family's unwavering commitment to farming has allowed them to leave a lasting impact on their community and beyond.

Our Produce

We offer a wide variety of locally grown produce, including Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Eggplant, Summer Squash, Variety Peppers, Corn, and Cabbage. All of our products are grown using sustainable farming techniques and industry leading food safety practices, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest and healthiest produce possible.

Our Farming Philosophy

Food safety, social responsibility, and sustainability are crucial aspects of our business. We believe in sustainable farming practices that promote the health of our land, our crops, and our customers. We maintain a disciplined fertilizer and pest control program, rotate our crops, and conserve water to ensure that our farming practices are environmentally responsible. At our company, we take these principles seriously and strive to uphold them in all aspects of our operations.

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